Welcome to the forum! (EN)

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Welcome to the forum! (EN)

Сообщение admin » 20 июн 2012, 00:43

Hey, newcomer! Welcome to our forum!
Please read this topic before you start writing something on the forum.

You are our guest, so please, introduce yourself. This could be done in this topic:

If you forgot to specify in your profile when do you celebrate your Birthday or Name-day, you should do it here:

Let us know how do you look like. We would like to recognize you even when you are without your car. Upload your photo here:

If you would like to know more about our Club life, check out the reports about our events:

Detailed information about our cars is found in the section PROJECTS:

We will be glad to see you on our meetings:
http://www.celica-club.lv/forums/viewto ... ?f=13&t=23

You should also comply with the ethical and good behaviour rules. The main principles are:
1.1. respect your interlocutor
1.2. use of filthy language is forbidden
1.3. all themes that are related with inter-ethnical differences and conflicts are also forbidden
1.4. avoid talking about politics
1.5. before you create a new topic, check forum properly, maybe the similar topic is already created.
1.6. try to place your topics in appropriate forum sections (don’t worry too much, if you will be mistaken, Moderators will fix the problem)
1.7. it is forbidden to place on the forum any porno content
1.8. try to use standard font size and colour

Some usefull tips for you:

1. How to place an image:

Upload your image on any appropriate third-party source (for example: foto.inbox.lv, fotki.lv etc.) Then, when you are writing your post on a forum, click on the IMG button and put a link on your image from that source where your image is stored. Like this: [img]your%20link[/img].

2. How to add video from YouTube:

[youtube]file number[/youtube]
File number is the unique combination of letters and numbers that is placed after http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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