Admin - 20.03.2014
From 11th till 13th of April AutoExotica-2014 will open it’s doors in exhibition complex "Ķīpsala". Celica-club Latvia participates this year as well.
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Admin - 20.03.2014
3rd birthday party, On April the 5th
Celica-club Latvia invites all Celica fans and their friends to our 3rd birthday party!!!
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Admin - 20.03.2014
March 8
On the international women’s day Celica-club Latvia men could not leave without attention our dear and beloved girls.
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Admin - 20.03.2014
February 23
On February 23rd Celica-club Latvia girls once again confirmed, that they are the best and most caring ever!!!
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Admin - 27.09.2013
Season closure 2013 – November 2nd
Celica-Club Latvia invites all Celica owners and their friends to a season closure event on Saturday November 2nd 2013, at 11 o’clock.
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Admin - 15.07.2013
Celica-Club Latvia Calendar 2014
Exclusive Celica-Club Latvia calendar 2014 is created, printed and ready to find its best place on the wall at your home or office.
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Admin - 14.11.2011
4th European meeting of the celica-drivers will take place in Riga! invites all Celica fans to join this great event!
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Admin - 18.05.2013
Season opening 2013
We invite all of you to join our Season opening event 2013. We meet May 19th at 11:00, at Riga Plaza’s parking lot’s 3rd floor.
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Admin - 28.03.2013
From 26 to 28 April 2013, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia, presents international automotive exhibition „AUTO 2013”, which is organised by International Exhibition Company BT1 in close cooperation with Latvian Authorised automobile dealers association and “Auto Ekspo” Ltd.
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Admin - 28.03.2013
Second anniversary of Celica-club Latvia
On April 6th, at 12:00 Celica-club Latvia invites all Celica drivers and fans to join the celebration of the second anniversary of our Club. We will meet on the second floor of the Riga Plaza’s parking lot.
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Admin - 02.01.2013
New Year 2013!
Celica-club Latvia invites all to join a party that is dedicated to Christmas & New Year. We will meet on the second floor of Riga Plaza parking lot at 14:00, January 5th.
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Admin - 13.12.2012
Celica-Club Latvia Calendar 2013
Our Club offers you to buy an official Celica-Club Latvia Calendar 2013.
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Admin - 21.11.2012
Green Toyota family day
On November 24th WESS Motors and Celica-club Latvia will be pleased to share joy and happiness with all families that are invited to take part in the event that already became a tradition – “Green Toyota family day”. The event will take place at dealer’s centre WESS Motors, K.Ulmana gatve 125.
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Admin - 18.09.2012
Season closure 17th of November 2012
Celica-Club Latvia invites all Celica owners and their friends to a season closure event on saturday Novebmer 17th 2012 at 11 o clock
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Admin - 11.10.2012
Toyota GT-86
Wess Motors kindly provided Celica-club Latvia with a new sports coupe – Toyota GT86 for a 3-day long testing.
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Admin - 30.09.2012
Karting tournament
On September 30th WESS MOTORS invited all interested persons to take part in a karting tournament on a kart racing track VIASMS near Arena Riga.
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Admin - 31.08.2012
Lithuania Meet 2012
From August 31st till September 2nd in Vilnius a meeting of, and will take place. Cultural and entertainment programme is being planned.
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Admin - 25.08.2012
Friendly Sports Meeting
Celica-Club Latvia invites four car clubs:,, and to join a friendly tournament, that will take place on August 25.
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Admin - 01.07.2012
JapMeet 2012
Celica-Club Latvia attended the Japanese car festival that was organized by the Japanese Car Club in collaboration with
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Admin - 02.06.2012
ATV (quad) tournament between Audi-life, VW-life and
On June 2nd, 2012 near Saulkrasti a tournament took place, with participation of three Clubs: Audi-life, VW-life and
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Admin - 27.05.2012
EECM-2012 Minsk
Year ago we have gained the opportunity to organize PECM-2013. As we have never organized such a huge event before, we decided to have a little training. After discussion with our neighbours, we have determined the date and place for Eastern-European Celica Meeting (EECM-2012). Our friends - were organizing this event.
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Admin - 07.12.2013
New Year with
Admin - 05.05.2012
Welcome to the season opening!
Admin - 01.04.2012 first anniversary. April 1st, 2012.
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